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An Idea Marketplace - Tidai


I personally have struggled in finding early support for my crazy projects. What happens is when you get that awesome idea, you either get shot down by the people around you, or you get busy then forget about it. Then later on you find out that someone else launched a startup similar to what you had in mind. That is so frustrating, you say to yourself, I wish I acted on it.

However, having an idea is not enough, you need to do something about it. But in reality that is not so easy. The distance between idea and execution is as vast as your couch to Mt Everest. That is why Tidai is attempting to make the process of starting a project a little bit easier. How? By connecting you to an early support network of creators and backers.

Tidai is creating a marketplace of ideas where creators can get early validation & support and where consumers and investors can express their early interest.

Tidai is for everyone. The single working mum who needs to start a side hustle. The artist and makers looking for new creations. The corporate investor looking for new exciting innovation.

Check out how it works by testing it yourself through or check out a demo and voice over video here.

Last if you are interested in receiving a weekly curation of the best 10 ideas submitted by the community every week, sign up on

It has been an awesome journey in bringing Tidai, an idea in my head into reality in just 5 days with no code tools. From idea to MVP in 5 days of nocoding, that is super exciting.